9 Ways to Find and Get Inspiration to Write Posts

Have you ever wanted to write a post but don’t have an idea? No matter how hard you try, the writing never finishes. Even if you can write after pushing yourself, that isn’t more than 500 words.

Your mind is stuck. Any idea seems unattractive. While time continues to spin and you must immediately finish writing so that the blog gets food. Because if you eat late, visitors will leave the blog.

Find and Get Inspiration to Write Posts

Not to mean arrogant, but I am quite experienced in finding inspiration to write blog content. Imagine posting every day and you will know what I mean.

Am I working hard? Not.

Will this be easy to do? Of course. Even anyone can do it.

Inspiration does not come just like that. Although in some cases this is not the case, you should look for it. In fact inspiration can be anywhere. And you can say goodbye to a blank page when you find the right inspiration, something that triggers you to complete a post.

And of course, you will no longer find mud when you throw a bucket into a creative well.

First rule: Be calm, but still be serious

The experience of writing every day taught me how to find inspiration to write posts. Usually I already have a rough idea of ​​what I want to write during the day. And when night fell, I did not experience significant obstacles.

But there are times when I still don’t have any ideas. Don’t worry, it’s not a big problem as long as I’m able to calm down and then try to find inspiration.

calm and relax to get writing inspiration

I just light cigarettes, turn on music, drink coffee, and whatever makes me relax. Only then did I try to find the most amazing inspiration.

Given that in one experiment there are various kinds of inspiration, seriousness is needed to distinguish which ones you can do as quickly as possible. It’s no longer a matter of which ideas are the best, but which ones you can write best in a short amount of time. We fight with time. And that is a wise move to produce quality content for blogs.

Remember, don’t choose the best idea that takes a long time to complete, but the most realistic idea you can accomplish right away.

9 Tricks for Finding Inspiration to Write Blog Posts

Cheer up. Authors and bloggers must be friends with deadlines. It is a spice to maintain discipline. When you have completely dried up your ideas, you can seek inspiration from the following best sources:

1. Blogging Friends Posts

blog walking is best inspiration for writer

Do you know what I like hanging out with amateur bloggers? They hardly care about the reader. They write according to conscience. And sometimes, their writing is truly natural and genius. That’s why bloggers who are diligent blogwalking will never run out of inspiration.

Blogwalking is a cheap source of inspiration. You can be triggered to write other posts that are still related to the writings of other bloggers. Because of differences in experience and thought, of course each individual has their own opinions. And you can write it as an independent post to answer the writings of other bloggers.

Professional writing might provide the best information. But such writing is too rigid to inspire.

2. Famous Author’s Book

If there is treasure for the writer, it must be written works such as popular books. Read these books to find words of genius, something you want to include in your blog post, and you will have a new picture to be creative.

Sometimes because a good paragraph or a good idea, or a cool word, or a genius sentence, the part that is always waiting to be found in a book, can be the best inspiration.

You may not realize it when reading a book to get entertainment, but when you look for inspiration and focus, you will find what you need to complete your task that day.

3. Experience during the day

writing journal

The positive side of writing at night is that the events of a day can make you inspired. Like writing a diary, it’s just that we sort out the most interesting events that we experience during a full day.

Remember, there are no bad ideas. As long as you present it well, your story will get readers. Because basically everyone likes the story.

See how the best-selling fictional stories. Especially if combined with the science of story telling, trivial stories you can become something that waow. It also trains your sensitivity to write everyday life. Said Ms. Jo, to be closer to the reader.

4. Open Your Idea Savings

Authors must have savings ideas. However, just like savings in the form of money, saving ideas are used when things are really pressed and the deadline is almost here. Therefore, make sure you save ideas consistently every day.

I myself currently have around 80 ideas that are ready to be used whenever I want. And that makes my writing life calmer to live.

Sometimes there are times when inspiration will not be found just like that. When that happens, saving ideas will save you. So, from now on, write down whatever you think is a good idea and you can write it well whenever you want.

5. Free writing

According to Jeff Goins, free writing is writing without worrying about editing or punctuation or anything that makes you free from actually writing. This means that you write down whatever is in your mind freely and without rules.

The part we are looking for, something we want sometimes is already in our minds. It’s just that we are not able to see it clearly. By writing everything in mind for a few minutes, we will get a very rough text.

But there is inspiration. You inspire yourself. there will be times when you shout “Eureka” and find the best idea that has been hiding in your mind.

6. Read your old posts

Some say that almost all my posts always have links, both outgoing links and internal links. Maybe you also realize it. I have been used to doing it since this blog was founded. Because I often write based on posts that have already been published.

Read old content and you will find flaws or incomplete information. Then your job is just writing a new post to complete the existing post. That way, your blog can become even more complete.

If you can do this regularly. Not only when you’re looking for inspiration to write it. So you get used to doing it because its effectiveness also depends on the ability of each individual to develop an existing idea.

7. Close Your Door

In his book, On Writing, Stephen King suggested writing a rough draft with the door closed and then revising it with the door open.

Of course the intention is not to actually close the door and write in a closed room, but to forget whatever negative things others might think when completing the first draft.

Of course the goal is to be able to focus and be optimistic about the future of your writing. Because if we are afraid that writing will look bad to other people, we will not be a better writer forever.

Maybe so inspiration will just come without any effort. Trust your heart and complete your work, even if you still think it is bad writing.

8. Listen to Your Reader

listen feedback from your reader

Perhaps the biggest use of why you learn ways to get comments on blogs is that you can listen to the voices of people who have been consuming your work.

If you are not inspired, it will be very useful if you pay attention to the comments that come in. Maybe some are not very helpful, but a small comment can trigger you to make posts for today.

Darrent Rowse did it. I once read a post on Problogger that answers the comments and emails that come in, then makes it a full post as the frequency of the ask question.

If your blog already has a loyal reader and they actively comment or ask questions via email, you can choose one of them and make posts based on that.

9. Make sure you are happy

Maybe you’re the type of blogger who writes based on the most searched keywords even if you don’t master the topic well. It’s number one creativity killer. If you write in an unhappy state, the quality of the writing can be messy.

Therefore, only write something that makes you happy. Write about your passions. And you will get the strongest weapon to capture any inspiration to write quality content.

Happiness is a guarantee of productivity. If you’re not happy with writing, it looks like you can’t be called a writer even though you’ve spawned a lot of work.

Discipline and Do It Right Now

discipline is the key of writing success

In carrying out any activity, laziness is the worst enemy. Once you lose and let your lazy win, you will usually get used to it and tolerate laziness until you have it as a bad habit.

Before that happens, roll up your clothes and start fighting with the letters. Even if you are lazy and have a feeling of delaying attacking, you must keep writing. RIGHT NOW!

That’s an absolute requirement to apply ways to find inspiration to write the above blog posts. Because if you don’t, you really just want to be lazy. Even if inspiration manifests itself, you ignore it.

Do you have any other tricks to find inspiration to write? Share in the comment box

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