9 Ways to Find and Get Inspiration to Write Posts

Have you ever wanted to write a post but don’t have an idea? No matter how hard you try, the writing never finishes. Even if you can write after pushing yourself, that isn’t more than 500 words.

Your mind is stuck. Any idea seems unattractive. While time continues to spin and you must immediately finish writing so that the blog gets food. Because if you eat late, visitors will leave the blog.

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What is Ghostwriter?

What is Ghostwriter?  | Today online media have become one of the most popular fields. Many things related to the online world. The authorship is no exception. Began to emerge many authorship platforms in cyberspace such as blogspot, website, tumblr and so forth.

Of course, for those of you who want to make your self-image as a professional already understand that the world of authorship greatly affects your image in the eyes of the wider community. But unfortunately not everyone can do it.

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6 Best Free FTP Client for LInux, Mac, and Windows

FTP (File Transfer Protocol) File sending protocol is an Internet protocol that runs in the application layer which is the standard for sending computer files (files) between machines on an Inter-network.

FTP is one of the earliest Internet protocols developed, and is still used today to download and upload computer files between an FTP client and an FTP server. An FTP Client is an application that can issue FTP commands to an FTP server. (Source: Wikipedia)

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How to build a simple calendar with CSS Grid

The calendar is one of the important tools in human civilization. Many important events can then be remembered and traced to the truth from the exact date of the incident. In all parts of the world, there are two widely known calendar systems namely, the gregorian calendar and the Islamic calendar.

In this article we will learn how to design calendars using HTML and CSS by utilizing the CSS Grid system, a layouting technique that has recently been popular among frontend developers.

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How to Install Node.js on your PC / Mac.

Anyone who doesn’t know Node.js yet? Anyone know JavaScript? If we know JavaScript as a client side scripting, JavaScript is now available for server side scripting as well. He is Node.js. This means that you can now build web services using the JavaScript language. Here is the tutorial How to Install Node.js on your PC / Mac.

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20 Best Free Types of Fonts Cursive Collection

The style of the type of script font is actually like handwriting or calligraphy. This font type is suitable for pepostcards, flyers, wedding invitations, clothing and branding. Here are some Free Types of Fonts Cursive that can add to your font collection in design.

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